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October 09, 2007

The Office

I've had an office a few times in my career but recently I got the office.

It was a sign of status, a symbol that I was one of the heavies at the firm.

A former boss even strolled in, checked the room out, and said "wow, nice pad." Unsaid was that it was better than his.

Good, right?


Offices put barriers -- real and imagined -- to communication with the rest of the department. In the just 5 days I've been in the isolation chamber called an office there have been a handful of incidents that just would not have happend had I been sitting on the floor. My favorite is when a colleague sent me an IM asking if he could come in and ask a question!

Feedburner founder Dick Costolo remarks why an open floor plan (without offices) is preferred. Agilists like their software team to be seated in a common area where people can comingle and communicate without barriers.

I wholeheartedly agree. I'm an Agilist, and will leave the office for the team area.

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