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March 01, 2006

Is your project agile?

To determine if your project is agile answer these questions with a yes or no:

  1. Is project progress measured by the delivery of working software?
  2. Does the software have extensive automated unit test coverage?
  3. Are there multiple integration builds per day that include compilation, unit testing, functional testing and deployment steps?
  4. Is there a high degree of direct involvement by the business during the development process?
  5. Is the development effort driven by acceptance tests?
  6. Do developers spend most of their time collaborating?
  7. Are planning, analysis, architecture, development, and QA all performed continuously?
  8. Is there a recently built running system available at all times?
  9. Is development work delivered in fine-grained units of no more than one month?

An agile project should answer "yes" to almost every question.

Thanks to Derek Walsh and the Australian ThoughtWorkers for the questions; I've edited their original version.

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