Garrett Smith's Bio

Garrett is an engineer with ThoughtWorks, a software consultancy that concentrates on enterprise integration, performing complex custom application development, and advising on software development practices for large companies.

Previously, he worked for companies ranging from manufacturer Dow Chemical to small voice recognition application development shops. He has lead the design and implementation of computing projects ranging from a 6,000 call per day voice recognition application to a fail-safe process control system in a 600 million pound per year chemical plant. He has worked and lived in Australia, India, and the USA.

Outside of work, Garrett was a founding director of Young Professionals of Chicago. There, he advised on YPC's strategic direction and designed and maintained YPC's information technology assets such as the Web site.

Garrett graduated with honors from Northwestern University with a bachelors of science in chemical and biological engineering concentrating in process control computer programming. He is an avid runner and skier.

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